A study of Roma Crafts, Romano Butiq



„ Do you remember the grandparents household? Every kitchen used to have its coffee pot and tin kettle. Grandma used to scoop cornmeal with a wooden ladle and pour it in the kettle making sure it doesn't turn out lumpy. Out in the doorway of the brick house you would find a woven mat to swipe your shoes and up above the door there used to be a horseshoe to bring luck to those who stepped inside. People used to go to the market and shop for groceries in a wicker basket. The yard broom used to be made of birch twigs. Corn cobs used to be gathered in a big woven basket and so was firewood. On the stove, a frying pan, sizzling under the wooden touch of the stirring spoon. Plum brandy used to be made in a brass distiller and tin buckets would help fetch water from the well. Traction horses or oxen harnessed with thick, masterfully sewn leather...”

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Source: Romano Butiq, reproduced with permission