Short historic of this initiative:

September 2013

The beginning

Discussion between Sorin Tranca and Ioan Coaca.

Ioan asks, “Which one of the jobs available today would be able to assure a high living standard, can be relatively fast to learn and would be appropriate for the traditional free spirit of Roma people – on one hand – and with their well-known patience – on the other hand?”

Sorin believes that being a programmer would respond best to these criteria. “Perfect. So how do we do it?”

By October, we already found some people, Roma and Romanians, with which to discuss this idea…

By November, we already managed to discuss it with enough people. Some of them were asking: “All right, let’s say that many Roma children will learn programming languages and other IT specialties. However where would they find work?” It seemed like a no-brainer to us - -“everybody needs IT workers, right?!”

In December, we visited the Gorj County, and we visited several communities: Baia de Fier, Polovragi and Targu Jiu.

Then we realized that it would be almost impossible to prepare a child for a professional career when his family is out-of-work and very, very poor. Those Roma people were trying to cope as best they could… They were not alone: their leaders, the local authorities, the state agencies, the NGO activists, the European Union, the whole world was, and still is, there for them. But, neither we nor the Roma people had the feeling that even a few of their children would stand a chance to become programmers.

Who to call for help? “Who else? – entrepreneurs!”

The E-ROMA initiative was born!

In January, we designed our strategy and in February we started working: a promotional film and the plan of the online digital platform for proposing and enrolling in projects: the website.

Thus, the adventure started!

February 2014

Visit to Roma communities in Gorj and an interview


Interview with Cidoiu Mirela - President of the Roma people organization, Balesti, GORJ:

February 2014

The website

Work on the E-ROMA initiative's website started.
March 2014



Interview with Preda Leonard - worker from Targu Carbunesti, GORJ:

April 2014

The first film

The director's cut of the first E-ROMA film, introducing the IT Education projects:

April 2014

European Roma Summit

A folder kit introducing the E-ROMA initiative was presented to participants at the European Roma Summit held on 4 April 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.