The E-ROMA ( initiative was born as a reaction to a feeling of helplessness and unease between the Roma minority and ordinary Romanians, and on a public level, a tendency to emphasize the Roma situation as a hopeless issue.

Those of us behind this initiative are entrepreneurs and the first instinct of a man of action is to look for an opportunity within a problem.

As there are Roma communities throughout Romania, we could have started anywhere, but it just so happened that we began in Gorj, a county in south-western Romania. What naturally unfolded were discussions with Roma people and an initial visit to two absolutely fascinating communities, Baia de Fier and Polovragi, after which we put together a plan of action.

The E-ROMA action plan focuses on creating and enhancing responsibility, education and hard work. We aim to convince entrepreneurs and business people both in and outside Romania to consider involving Roma in their business, as a reliable workforce.

This could include investing in areas where Roma live in closed communities. It is not a question of investing large amounts, yet in return the benefits could be huge.

We hope to emphasize Roma’s centuries-old tradition of making handicrafts and consider that professional education and development will further nurture their talent and skills in this area.

There is a criminal element in every society, but the vast majority deserves to be treated respectfully and fairly, and it is those people to whom the E-ROMA initiative is addressed. Generally speaking, there is a lack of direction and a lack of responsibility throughout society and we hope that in a small way E-ROMA contributes to correcting that.

We hope this initiative illustrates that we believe effective solutions can be found for every problem.


We started as a brotherhood, and we will remain a brotherhood. Besides those mentioned on the right side of this page, we received help from many, many other people.

The order in which they are mentioned here doesnt reflect in any way their contribution to this initiative. Their names are simply listed here based on how the human memory works: Nelu Pavel, Ion Ministru, Alin Bobu, Dan Selaru, Robert Cobzaru, Ioan Barcina, Despina Camelia, Alin Barcina, Dobrivoie Kerpenisan, Gabriel Balanescu, Ilchian Omer, Deniz Coaca, Ioana Stirbulescu, Lucian Mormogeac, Ciprian Netoiu, Alexandru Badea, Mihaela Stoian, Roxana Dumitru, Eugenia Achim, Tudor Cotolea and many, many others - to whom we respectfully offer thanks.

We also want to mention that we continuously hope to grow our team. So, if youre sympathizing with E-ROMA, dont hesitate to contact us.

Unity makes strength!

Ioan CoacaCoordinator & Editor
Adrian SanduEditor and Webmaster
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Andrew BeggPR Manager and Chief editor
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Vlad DumeaArt Director
Cristina PavelLocal Adviser
Victor BaldovinLocal Adviser

We were born brothers, but we were separated at birth. Now we are reunited...
Ion Ministru, leader of the Meteor Community, Targu Jiu