IT Education in Polovragi team

The RUDARIA POLOVRAGI is located on a narrow valley, and the old school, currently decommissioned, can be found right when entering the valley. With a little effort, we rehabilitated one of the classrooms. We met the children while filming a promotional video. We were impressed how intelligent and how eager to learn they are... All of them seem very mature for their age and they certainly deserve a better life. We hope that, in the future, they will be able to build for themselves a career in the IT.


Besides the team members photographed here, we also want to thank to:

Stefan Fasuescu (Mayor of Polovragi),

Constantin Tarlea (Vice Mayor of Polovragi),

Nelu Pavel (leader of the Partida Romilor Gorj),

Dan Selaru (leader of the Rudaria Polovragi).

Ioan Coaca
Aurelian Georgescu
Ion Carausu
Victor Baldovin
Lucian Mormogeac
Lucian Florea


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