Before becoming a city Babeni people were renowned for their animal husbandry, agriculture and cottage industries (weaving, metalworking and woodworking).

For a variety of reasons very few people still work in these areas. First, the national industrialization process has made its mark in this area, with very few villagers working in the fields as they did prior to 2002.

The appearance on the market of cheap, mass-produced products has meant that the tools and wares traditionally made by Babeni craftsmen are no longer demanded.

A significant number of Babeni residents have emigrated - in a decade its population has declined by about 1,000 people.

The Roma people of Babeni are no different.

Wood products made by Roma from babeni were once very popular, yet while there are a small number of Roma still involved in this ancestral craft, many have left it after the market became inundated with cheaper, factory-made products.