According to the latest census conducted in Romania, the population of the commune counts 3,113 people in Lipovu, higher compared to the previous census in 2002, when 3,160 were counted.

Officially, Romanians comprise 62% of the population while about 34% are ethnic Roma, yet from unofficial sources we find that the percentage would be quite the opposite; over 60% of the population are Roma and the non-Roma population is at around 35%. 

Given the oft-heard predicament that its citizens do not get too many opportunities in the labor market, many people emigrate to other countries in Europe in hope of a better life. For example, in 2002, out of a total population of 3,160 people, about 400 people left their homeland.

Another study shows that in 2010 the number of immigrants increased significantly, reaching 800 people. Most of them choose to return to their native country but just to spend the holiday moments with family and friends.