Tetchea village is situated on the left arm of the Crisul Repede river, at the foot of Tasadului, in the centre of the county of Bihor, in western Romania.

The nearest urban area is Alesd, located about 10 km away; it is 32 km from Oradea, the capital of Bihor.

There are four villages in the administration: Tetchea residential, Hotarare, Telechiu and Subpiatra.

As in most areas of Transylvania, tourism is well developed, not due to the infrastructure that is otherwise deficient, but because of the wonderful landscapes, ancient buildings, and customs and traditions of the people in this enshrined place.

Thus, we find in Subpiatra the Cave Church, and a wooden church at the border of Tetchea Castle, built in the early nineteenth century. Today the castle houses the village mayor.